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Studying in Poland

Do you want to study at a Polish university? Or, you’re already enrolled in one but need some additional info? You’ll find answers to all of your questions on http://www.studyinpoland.pl/ and http://www.buwiwm.edu.pl/ ; also, you can have a look at the official Adam Mickiewicz University booklet (which you can download here: http://amu.edu.pl/__data/assets/file/0006/24567/OIRP_Informator-English.pdf) or mail us @ kasia@multicultural.pl

Polish for foreigners:

Wanna learn Polish? Have a look here: http://forumkultur.home.pl/multicultural/en/kursy.php, or check out the language schools listed below.

Omnibus - http://eomnibus.pl/

- individual or group classes

- minimum of 10 lessons

- 45 min/lesson

- you decide upon the time and number of classes per week

- course dates: Summer courses – July, August, September;

Academic year – October 2009 – June 2010

- price is calculated due to the time of the year, length of the course and number of students.

AMU - http://www.staff.amu.edu.pl/~schoolpl/go.php/en/about_us.html

- courses on six different levels

- courses held on annual (30 weeks) or semestrial (15 weeks) basis

- every student receives a certificate

- every participant receives ECTS points

- prices differ (http://www.staff.amu.edu.pl/~schoolpl/go.php/en/programmatic_offer/courses_of_polish.html); 1st and 2nd year AMU students are required to take Polish course and it’s free; scholarship students (Erasmus, Socrates etc.) are allowed free course as well

Kasia Jakubowska - http://www.kursy-polskiego.pl/en/index.php

- at your home or in Kasia’s office in Poznań

- individual or group classes (max 6 people in class)
- general and specialist courses

- schedule flexibility: during the week from 4 p.m. + weekends

- price: 60zł/60 min, 90 zł/90 min; price depends on number of people in the class

Kontakt Language School - http://www.kontakt.cjo.pl/pl/polish_for_foreigners/english.html

- all levels of advancement

- classes held in the city centre

- courses may start at any time of the academic year

- price: generally 55zł/45min; however, the price depends on the number of classes, time and place; classes between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. are cheaper

- for people who speak English, Spanish, German and/or Italian

If you have a child:

Polish school system consists out of 6 years of Primary School, 3 years of Middle School, 3 years of High School and preferably 3 to 5 years of college/university.

Several schools in Poznań offer education for English-speaking teenage foreigners (grades K-12), most of them are privet. If you’re interested in your child attending an international school and/or getting an IB diploma, check out schools listed below.

International School of Poznań - http://www.isop.pl/

- IB schools since 2008

- located in the city centre

- the school offers a full IB program (Primary, Middle and Diploma)

- wide choice of subjects

- foreign languages taught: English, Spanish, German, Polish

- numerous after school activities

- mandatory uniforms

- a school bus which provides transport to school on daily bases

- fees: Primary School IB program– 16.800zł/year; Middle School IB program – 18.000zł/year; Bilingual Middle School program – 9.600zł/year; High School IB Diploma program – 12.000zł/year

- contact: headmaster Mr. Ryszard Matuszewski, tel.: +48 61 646 37 60 to 62; mail: info@isop.pl

II LO Poznań - http://www.2lo.poznan.pl/
- IB school since 2002

- located in the city centre, 5 min away from the Poznań World Trade Center

- public Polish school which offers the High School IB Diploma program

- wide choice of subjects

- foreign languages taught: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish

- many after school activities including swimming pool and American/English drama club

- student exchange with IB school from Holland and one week long trip to London as a part of the curriculum

- highly qualified teachers

- fees: one-time-fee of 1800zł for the diploma paid during the 3rd year of education

- contact: IB headmaster Ms. Barbara Wieloch, tel. +48 61 866 28 92, mail: wieloch@2lo.poznan.pl

I Prywatne LO Poznań - http://www.iplo.info/ib.php

- IB school since 1997

- on the suburbs, good public transport connection with the city centre

- wide choice of subjects

- foreign languages taught: German, Latin, Spanish, Polish

- many after school activities including abroad trips and summer camps in the USA

- great experience in the IB program

- fees: High School IB program: 11.500zł/year; High School in English: 11.260 zł/year

- contact: headmaster Mr. Piotr Grodzki, tel.: +48 61 847 74 35; mail: iplo@iplo.pl

Poznań British International School - http://www.pbis.edu.pl/index.php

- founded in 2000

- located on the outskirts of the city

- no IB program; however all of the classes are taught in English

- only Primary and Secondary school programs

- wide choice of subjects

- international staff

- mandatory uniforms

- contact: headmaster Ms. Danuta Kościńska, tel.: +48 61 870 97 30; mail: office@pbis.edu.pl
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