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Information about the project

Multicultural” is a project directed to inhabitants of Poznan interested in exploring the city’s cultural diversity - those who come from foreign countries as well as those who grew up in Poland or live in Poznan. Knowledge about various cultures favours the development of tolerance and openness. It also helps to overcome stereotypes and prejudices.

Multicultural project aims at creating ground for meetings and discussions between native Polish and people who come to Poland from other parts of the world. The project offers space to explore cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Poznan’s inhabitants and therefore brings them closer to each other.

The aims of the project:

1. To introduce and expand dialogue between people coming from various ethnic and religious groups.

2. To initiate positive changes in Poznan and to encourage citizens to become more aware of the diversity of the urban community.

3. To popularize the idea that peaceful coexistence of different cultures creates an inspiring society.

4. To facilitate everyday life of foreigners living in Poznan, from administrative aspects to cultural life.

Activities of the project:

- Creating space and tools of exchange services to foster cohesion between all inhabitants of Poznan, regardless of their origin.

- Creating a website in English that contains cultural and useful information for foreigners living in Poznan.

- Offering free basic legal advice service for foreigners living in Poznan.

- Engaging institutions and organizations in common activities to foster intercultural dialogue in Poznan.

- Conducting interviews and making photographic portraits of immigrants living in Poznan (Picturing diversity). Organising exhibition and publishing the results.

- Presenting artistic work of Poznan non-natives.

- Engaging non­-native inhabitants of Poznan in writing about the city, it’s places and events.

- Making a documentary film about aliens living in Poznan.

- Organizing a conference about multiculturalism in the city.

- Maintaining relations with organised groups, institutions, and organisations of foreigners living in Poznan. Increasing and ensuring cooperation and contact between them (International Ladies Club, International Church and others).

- Maintaining constant contacts and cooperation with institutions connected with issues of immigrants in Poznan (Marshals Office of the Wielkopolska Region, British Council and others).

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