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Jackie, England.

My husband took a contract with a firm in Poznań and moved here. I had a job in England, so I decided to stay home. Right now I'm constantly travelling between two countries, living two weeks in England and two weeks in Poland.

I had a completely wrong image of Poland before I came here. I've have been amazed with Poland, and the Polish people. I find you extremely hardworking, positive and friendly. I was desperate to know about your side of history, especially of the second world war. I read some Norman Davies’ books and I was surprised by what you went through, not only during the war, but also after it ended. In England, when the war ended – that was it for us. Everybody was happy again. But it wasn't so for you. I guess the nightmare carried on here for another 30 years. I didn't know about that and I am impressed by your courage.

Poland is definitely changing. There are new buildings and new ideas growing every day. I see that people here work really hard to achieve this. It's inspirational for me to see how hard you work.

I've been a teacher in England for a long time. At first I was a maths teacher, then, about 10 years ago, I noticed that there were a lot of things not properly taught in England. Social issues such as drugs, alcohol and general behavior of young people. So I retrained and became a teacher who gives talks on illegal drugs, alcohol abuse and sexual relationships. I work in England travelling to several different schools and help teachers with these issues.

I was trained in the subject of narcotics, but in this subject it's not enough to know the theory. This way you'll never know the depth of the problem.. I have talked to pupils, to teachers and parents to try and understand the root of the problems . This subject is totally different from teaching maths or history. It's a social skill. You need to know how to talk with the young people on their level rather than as a teacher.

When I started to come to Poland regularly I wanted to share my experience on the subject. I reasearched the depth of the drugs problem here. Lately I've been in one school and gave them a simple talk on England and they liked it, so I have been back to give some talks on narcotics.

I would like to do more talks in other schools to help in any way that I can with this problem.

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