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Anastazja, Russia.

Before moving to Moscow, I lived in a small city. There was nothing to do over there, the only thing I enjoyed was people. There weren’t many places to hang out, we didn’t have money either, so we spent most of the time on the streets. It was the street that brought us up and taught us many things. I don’t wish I had a better childhood. People used to meet in the backyards, like in the old times: singing, playing guitar, drinking vodka. I’d lived there for three years. Before that I’d lived in a smaller city, even further from Moscow. We’d been moving closer and closer to Moscow, because of my father’s work. Finally, I moved to the capital to study and to check this big world out. I can’t say I liked it a lot. I guess I’m too small for this city. value

I came to Poland for a scholarship. I didn’t know the language, I didn’t know a lot about Poland. I’ve learned Polish word by word. I was bewitched by Poznan, it seemed amazing. I remember the second day here. It was in March, I went to the Old Market Square for a walk. It was a lovely, sunny day, everything was shining, people seemed so colourful. It was so different from Moscow where everyone wears very dark or black and white business style clothes. But Poznan seemed absolutely different. Moscow is huge, very busy, aggressive and stressful. Now I prefer small cities.

I like to travel by myself. I’ve been to Europe, hitchhiking through Germany, Holland and France. I also travelled through Russia. I’m very attached to my freedom. I’m a lonely traveller. I like to travel through cities. Every city has it’s own face, it’s own smell... Whenever I’m in a new place I always buy fresh bread. That gives me the first feeling of the city.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next year or in the next few days. I’m the kind of person, who never knows what will happen in the next moment. Everything seems so unpredictable. I’m just living my live and enjoying every moment of it. I want to plan nothing. I want to enjoy being a human, being on this earth.

Few years ago I discovered my hobby – photography. It’s my passion and thanks to it I started noticing details. I’ve noticed that people are so beautiful! I love taking portraits. I want to see how people see themselves. I dream of showing them their beauty. I always hear from people, especially girls: ‘I’m so ugly, so fat...’. When I take a picture I try to show them another way to look at themselves. When a person feels better with his face, with his body, there is harmony and it helps to feel good about other things too. I want to describe the whole world with that kind of pictures!

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